Complaints procedure

DeWaardSinke Advocaten B.V. highly values our clients satisfaction. Our firm will do everything in our ability to serve our clients in the best possible way. In the unexpected event that you are not satisfied with certain elements of our service, please read the following terms of our complaints procedure.

 In the event that you are dissatisfied with the quality of our services or our invoice, we kindly advise you to discuss this with your lawyer. It is also possible to contact our firm. DeWaardSinke Advocaten B.V. will take your complaint into careful consideration. The handling of complaints will be in accordance with our complaints procedure. You will find our complaints procedure on our website. 

 In consultation with you, we will try to find a solution for any problem arisen as quickly as possible. We will always confirm such solution to you. The complaints firm handles the complaint within four weeks.

1.   Definitions


Any written expression of dissatisfaction from or on behalf of a client directed at a lawyer of the law firm DeWaardSinke Advocaten B.V. concerning (the quality of) his or her service.


The client or their representative who files the complaint.

Complaint procedure

The procedure used in our firm for the assessment of complaints as reflected in this document.

 Complaint code

This document, which is a written reflection of the complaint procedure used in our firm.

 Complaints firm

The lawyer, not being the one against whom the complaint is addressed, in charge of handling the complaint. The complaints firm are Mr T. de Waard and Mr M.J. Sinke.

 Complaint registration form

An internally used form for the execution of the procedure in accordance with the complaint procedure.

Geschillencommissie Advocatuur

The commission founded by the Stichting Geschillencommissies voor consumentenzaken (SGC) and Stichting Beroep en Bedrijf (SGB). In case a proposed solution has not proven to be satisfactory to client, the firm can submit cases of disputed and unpaid declarations and price/quality disputes to this commission.

Disputes Advocacy

The procedure used by the Geschillencommissie Advocatuur in order to settle disputes between lawyers and clients.

Reglement Geschillencommissie Advocatuur

The regulation describing the rules of conduct of the Geschillencommissie Advocatuur.

2.  Purposes

The purpose of the complaint code are:

  1. Documenting a procedure to constructively handle clients complaints within a reasonable amount of time.
  2. Documenting a procedure to determine the origin of clients complaints.
  3. Safeguarding and improvement of current client relationships by providing a proper complaints handling.
  4. Training employees to response to complaints in a way that is client-focused .
  5. Improving the quality of our services through diligent handling and analyses of complaints.

3.  Informing the client

The lawyer:

  1. Shall notify the client that the firm has a complaint code.  
  2. Shall inform the client about the possibility to submit unsolvable problems to the Geschillencommissie Advocatuur.
  3. Shall notify the client that the Reglement Geschillencommissie Advocatuur can be requested at the secretary of that commission (address Postbus 90600, 2509LP The Hague).

4.   The internal complaints procedure

  1. When a client approaches the firm with a complaint in any way, the lawyer against whom the complaint is made will be notified of the filing of the complaint.
  2. The lawyer against whom the complaint is made will try to resolve the issue together with the client, if needed after intervention of the complaints firm.
  3. The lawyer against whom the complaint is made and the complaints firm are responsible for the proper handling of the complaint in compliance with the Complaint Code.
  4. Confidentiality shall be guaranteed under all circumstances.
  5. The decision on the complaint will be reported to the client.
  6. In the event client is of the opinion that the complaint has not been handled satisfactorily, the complaint will be submitted to the Geschillencommissie Advocatuur.

5.    Registration and classification of the complaint

  1. All complaints will be registered in accordance with the complaint register form.
  2. The complaints firm registers and classifies each complaint. The complaint will be classified:

by method of classification:

a. written

b. oral

-       by nature of the complaint in the following categories:

a.  complaints about the method/treatment by the lawyer

b.  complaints about the legal aspects of the provided services

c.  complaints about financial aspects of the provided services

d.  complaints about the practice in general

3. A complaint can be divided in several subcategories.

4. In the event that the complaint has been handled satisfactorily, the lawyer against whom the complaint was filed and the complaint firm sign the complaint registration form.

6.     Responsibilities

  1. The lawyer against whom the claim is made and thereafter the complaint firm are responsible for the handling and settlement of the complaints.
  2. The complaint firm is responsible for the completion of the complaint registration form.
  3. The lawyer against whom the complaint is made will keep the complaint firm updated on the process.
  4. The firm handles the complaint within four weeks.
  5. The complaint firm is responsible for a reaction towards the client.
  6. The complaint firm is responsible for updating the clients file.

6.    The analysis of the complaint

  1. All complaint registration forms will be collected by the complaint firm.
  2. The complaint firm shall periodically report on the handling of the complaints.
  3. The complaint firm shall process the data and make an annually analysis.
  4. The complaint firm shall furthermore make recommendations to prevent new complaints and improve procedural aspects.

7.    Internal discussion

  1. Once a year, the complaint data will be internally discussed in the firm.
  2. Improvement measures shall be prepared and planned.
  3. The complaint firm is responsible for the preparation of this meeting and the  analysis.

8.    Preventive action

  1. Based on the annual analysis of the complaint firm the firm will decide on appropriate preventive measures to improve the quality of our services.
  2. The measures and analysis will be presented in the firm meeting.