Financial Law

In the search for attracting capital, (SME) companies regularly turn to a bank with the request for a loan. The lawyers of DeWaardSinke advise in this matter but also in attracting additional types of capital, such as:

  • Financing by the bank
  • Bonds
  • Convertible loans
  • Private equity
  • Informal investors and venture capital

In the event you choose to attract short or long-term debt by a bank loan, subordinated loan or by leasing, DeWaardSinke Advocaten can advise on the right terms & conditions in the related contracts.

Sometimes a company may face financially challenging times and is placed under the supervision of a special bank department for financial restructuring and recovery (Afdeling Bijzonder Beheer). The lawyers at DeWaardSinke are specialized in advising and litigating on the duty of care for banks towards their clients, financial legislation and the corresponding obligations of financial institutions.