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Marjorie Sinke started as a practicing lawyer with Stibbe, Amsterdam. In 1985, together with Tom de Waard, she founded Stibbe, New York. After practicing corporate (litigation) law at Stibbe and Loeff, Claeys Verbeke (later to become Allen & Overy) she became a judge and substitute judge at the District Court in the Hague. In 2010 she founded her own firm: De WaardSinke, with a specialized law practice in corporate law, corporate litigation, arbitration and mediation. In 2011 Tom joined the firm.

In 2007 Marjorie completed the Master Islam (University of Amsterdam) and acquired the Islamic Finance qualification at the Securities and Investment Institute in London. As an Islamic Finance Specialist she advises various financial institutions where necessary in close cooperation with the AFM ( Authorities Financial Market), the Dutch Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the Dutch Tax Authorities on the development and introduction of Islamic Finance products such as for instance the Halal mortgage.

Marjorie is an ADR-Specialist/Legal Mediator trained at the Amsterdam ADR Institute.

Currently Marjorie is engaged in corporate litigation and in representing SME companies that are placed under the supervision of a special bank department for financial restructuring and recovery (Afdeling Bijzonder Beheer).

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U.S.- Dutch legal concepts on Business and Tax Law/ A Glossary

- Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers
- 1990
Author: Marjorie Sinke

This glossary has been prepared for use by those engaged in transatlantic business transactions between the U.S. and the Netherlands. It provides the users with a practical explanation of legal terms most encountered at such events.

The establishment of a Business Operation in the Netherlands

- Office publication
- June 1, 1987
Author: Marjorie Sinke

Halal Mortgage / Islamic Banking and Finance

- Celsus Legal Publishers, Tilburg, the Netherlands
- 2007
Author: Marjorie Sinke

The author searches for (fiscal) ways to introduce the halal morgage in the Netherlands. The research is placed within the context of a short history of Islamic Banking, Islamic banking in practice, sources of Islamic Financing, Islamic contract law in as far as it is relevant to Islamic banking and finance transactions and the various Islamic Banking techniques that are applied.

Eigen huis Moslims goed voor integratie (Homeownership Muslims good for Integration)

- Financiele Dagblad (Dutch Financial Times)
- May 3, 2007
Author: Marjorie Sinke

In this article the author states that there is no excuse to not introduce the Halal Mortgage in the Netherlands. The Halal mortgage enables home ownership for Muslims and thus their integration, without them having to violate Islamic rules based on the prohibition of borrowing money against interest. Muslims can in this way access the mortgage market without having to choose between religion and home ownership.

Islamitisch Financieren. Halal Hypotheek `De stand van zaken'

29 mei, 2008
Author: Marjorie Sinke

Islamitisch financieren loont (Islamic Finance is worthwile)

- Financiele Dagblad (Dutch Financial Times)
- April 18, 2008
Author: Marjorie Sinke

The Dutch government should give a clear signal that the Netherlands is well positioned for Islamic Finance and will facilitate it.

Nederland perfect voor Islamitisch bankieren

- Interview in the Volkskrant of Marjorie Sinke by Samira Ahli
- March 26, 2008
Author: Samira Ahli

The Netherlands has the power to become a centre for Islamic financial services.

Islamic Finance (text of a lecture held by Marjorie Sinke on June 13 2008 at the Yearly Rimo symposium, Leiden, the Netherlands)

- Rimo, Vereniging tot bestudering van het recht van de Islam en het Midden- Oosten (Association for the study of the law of Islam and the Middle East)
- 2009
Author: Marjorie Sinke

The author investigates which of Islamic finance technigques can be used to introduce the Islamic mortgage in the Neterlands.

Islamic Finance/ The Halal Mortgage in the Netherlands?

- Vastgoed/ Fiscaal & Civiel (platform voor fiscale en juridische vastgoedzaken)
- August 14, 2009
Authors: Marjorie Sinke, Robert Kranenborg

In this publication the authors describe the principles of Islamic Finance and investigate the possibilities for introduction of the Halal mortgage in the Netehrlands. Not only from a civil- and fical law point of view but they also "zoom in" on the aspects of conduct- and prudential supervision.

The diminishing musharaka: increasing ownership as an islamic perspective?

- Weekblad fiscaal recht (Weekly on Fiscal Law)
- June 11, 2009
Authors: Marjorie Sinke, Robert Kranenborg

The halal mortgage in the form of a dimishing musharaka (musharaka Mutaqisah)