The lawyers of DeWaardSinke have gained years of experience with international law firms and in business in The Netherlands and abroad in the field of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity, finance and corporate aspects.

In addition to advising international companies and Dutch SMEs, DeWaardSinke also focuses on advising start-ups and investors in start-ups.

A typical startup experiences different funding rounds. At the start there may be private investments by the founder or his or her  relatives. The next step is often an investment by Angel Investors. These are individual investors who understand your business. Further growth is often supported trough Seed Funding, Venture Capital investment companies and sometimes banks.

These investments also lead to a change in ownership structure and control and we advise founders how to deal with these new restrictions in freedom to run the company.

We advise both start-ups and investors in all these stages of its growth. We assist in setting up  your company, advising on the legal structure as well as in a Series A investment round.

Start-up phase

The start of your company immediately raises important questions, such as which legal form is best suited for your business, what are your liabilities and possible tax benefits?

De WaardSinke Advocaten assists in setting up a B.V. (private limited liability company) and advises you on the right legal structure. We also advise in the preparation of terms and conditions, shareholders-, financing-, collaboration-, distribution-, confidentiality-, and licensing agreements.

New employees

Your business is expanding and you have a growing need for (specialized) staff such as a programmer or CFO.  Do you offer them an employment contract or a contract of assignment? What are the legal implications and requirements? How can you  retain your key people through incentive schemes: stock (options), warrants or Stock Appreciations Rights (SAR’s)? In addition, we also advise on the establishment of a Stichting Administratiekantoor (STAK, trust foundation) and Incentive Schemes and Stock Option Plans for your employees.

Negotiating with professional financiers

Professional investment companies, such as Venture Capital (VC) Funds, invest money and provide their expertise and network. In this phase the valuation of your company becomes crucial, you have to think about negotiating the deal terms in a term sheet and have to organize a due diligence. Do you offer the investors part of your shares in return for an investment and if so, will you use different classes of shares (preferred shares and ordinary shares)? We advise you in negotiating the terms & conditions of the transaction and on the financing agreement.  


In the early stages of a start-up company, the financial resources are often limited. Therefore we work with reduced fees and/or a small fixed retainer per month . And we offer the possibility to just call for advise on smaller legal matters.